Saturday, June 04, 2005

Nancy stinks up a perfectly good weekend!

Boy oh boy does it stink cigarettes in here. Last night was the pits. From the time I got home from work until about 2 A.M. it just reeked. There was a huge smoke cloud in the kitchen. I am sooooooooo pissed at the landlords for doing this to us. This is just what we expected and WORSE! We are getting psyched up for a lovely phone call to them to complain. What in the world are we supposed to do? I don't know if I mentioned this before, but Nancy had to move out of her last apartment because there was a person who lived in the building who was on oxygen. Her landlords gave her a wonderful reference and said she did not smoke much. Heck NO! I don't think so. She smokes inside every 20-30 minutes. Unscented Oust has become my best friend. I'm either going to die from breathing in ozone from the aerosol can or have to go on oxygen myself from the second-hand smoke. There is no way to get used to this. Oh, and about that HEPA filter that Nancy supposedly has, it ain't working! How can it when she smokes in every room downstairs? She has ruined my sanctuary!
As for the rest of the day, it was good and busy. I got up early and dropped the zipper pins off to be juried at the Brandon Artists Guild. They have to tally up the scores and will be sending out letters later in the week. I feel positive about the experience and I am really hoping that they pick me! In between all of that I went to Middlebury, my hometown. I stopped at a yard sale at the Humane Society and got 6 CDs for a dollar each, 2 of which are Dar Williams. I went to Retroworks, an over priced thrift store and TJ Maxx to kill time. I met Trish at the Co-op and we ran into Bill Ramage there. What a coinkydink! At least I had some halfway good news to report to him. We walked all over like tourists. We went to the Middlebury Farmer's Market and taste tested lots of cheese. We had a good sandwich at Noonies and then cookies from the Otter Creek Bakery. We went to visit my mom and sister out in the country. My mom showed us all of her garage sale finds for the day.
There were zillions of those nasty-ass tent caterpillars. They are worse than ever this year. They were hanging on strings from the trees and would drop on your head and cling to your clothes. They were probably thousands of them crawling all over the side of the house and the ground. They were munching on the leaves so loudly that it sounded like it was raining out. While I was there they crawled into my car and on my way home I had to kill one on my leg. GROSS!
I can finally show off the HUMMEL card that I sent to my sister in the mail. Aren't Hummels funny?


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