Thursday, June 02, 2005

Isn't the weather nice?

Wow! It sure was HOT today! I work at the dumbest place in all of Rutland. The air conditioner didn't get turned on until 3 P.M. when it was 87 degrees outside and probably hotter inside. It is an ancient piece of crap from the early 80s. It barely works and it only cools a few feet around it and the store is pretty big. The boss is so cheap that she won't get a more efficient one that would save her money on electricity...NOOOOOOO! Then who ever ends up turning it on gets the hairy eyeball from the her. Meanwhile, she is either at the golf course or in her air conditioned house. I was so dang hot! Work just dragged on and on and it was really busy.
I searched all over the city for a black tablecloth without any luck. I guess it just isn't hip to have a black tablecloth in these parts. How dark and depressing! Except that I am not using it for an eating table, but for a display on a table to make my zipper pins look snazzy and elegant when I take them to be juried at the Brandon Artists Guild on Saturday. If you didn't know, Brandon, Vermont is home to the famous American folk-artist Warren Kimble. I have met him and he is a very nice man! I was told that there are three spaces open for 3 dimensional artwork and there are six people they are considering at this time. I sure do hope they pick me!
I got home around 7 o'clock and have been busy ever since.
-I talked to my sister who had to cut her field trip excitement short. She ended up at the emergency room of Dartmouth-Hitchcock this afternoon due to a reaction from sun exposure and antibiotics. How horrendous! At the time she was at VINS in Quechee watching a lecture on raptors and buzzards.
-Nancy the smoker was with her entourage and a huge U-HAUL in the back yard. She looked extremely frazzled. She was hacking with what sounded to be smokers cough and shaking something wicked. She has some mighty fugly furniture. No smoke smell yet...I am crossing my fingers. She has been nice and so far they are very quiet.
-We had chicken made on the Foreman grill tonight for dinner. It was pretty good. It took forever to clean up everything after.
-I started reading The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd. It is very good so far.

-Now it is late again and I really haven't gotten anything accomplished. Tomorrow I have to work with alone with the boss again. It will probably be busy and way too hot. I am just too tired and busy to deal with her bitchyness and nonsense. I better end this and get going so I can mentally prepare myself for the abuse that will be called Friday.
Oh how funny...The spell checker just told me to replace P.M. with pooh and bitchyness with patchiness. If I did that, this just wouldn't make any sense, would it now?!


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