Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hump Day

*I feel so busy! There are clothes that need to be folded, craft projects that need to be started and finished, library books to be read, and movies to be watched. Everything is a mess! Now it is getting to be time to go to bed and I haven't done much of anything. On top of all that I have to go waste the day at work tomorrow.
*Here is an apartment update: We got our washer and dryer platform after a good deal of hemming and hawing over what to say to the landlord and then actually talking to him. He put them on there and leveled everything and now they work great. Nancy the smoker is supposed to move in downstairs tomorrow. I have a new Mainstays vanilla candle from Walmart all ready to go. You can scoff at the Walmart brand all you want, but I swear by this candle! It smells just as good as Yankee Candle while burning. It makes the whole place smell like yellow cupcakes baking. Unfortunately, I don't think anything will get rid of the nasty-ass ciggy stench when Nancy starts smokin' butts down there.

*I have been wearing semi-uncomfortable shoes all day long. If I deviate from my Birkenstocks for more than an hour I always pay for it later with a week of sore feet. I have been on my feet at work pretty much all day long for the past two days. There have been a lot of holiday weekend pictures in Foto land.

*My sister is on a school field trip with her sixth grade class, the fifth grade class, teachers, and parents. They are visiting places all over the state for three days. They are going to be staying at a school somewhere and sleeping on gym mats. GROSS! They are going to be taking a few hikes and the weather is supposed to be in the 80s. They are not going to be able to take showers. DOUBLE GROSS! I feel
very sorry for her.
*Those nasty caterpillars are EVERYWHERE! My mom calls them "tent" caterpillars. They are sooooooooooooooo UGLY! Today at work I went to remove the wood wedge that props open the door and I felt something strange. There was one between my thumb and the wood struggling to free itself. Ewwwww!


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