Monday, May 09, 2005

Smokers Stink!

Well, it looks like the smoker woman is moving in downstairs...Along with her 12 year old son and a dog. The landlords spoke with her and she said she would be willing to smoke outside if it bothered us. I can tell you right now that will not be good enough. Regardless of where you stand outside, the smoke comes right in the windows when they are open. Another piece of news is that she has her own HEPA filter...ooooh boy, that is going to clean up all of the stink....NOT! We have a feeling that she is going to smoke inside, smoke outside, and smoke all over the place. Isn't that nice for her poor kid to be stuck in there breathing that in. I bet when he goes to school all of his clothes reek. I just can't see this working out. Get ready to gag in three weeks.

Moving right along...The
Rutland Free Library now has music CD's, and quite an interesting assortment, I might add. I got
The Notebook on DVD which I have been wanting to see. I hope it is good. Time to get ready for bed and do it all over again tomorrow.


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