Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sunday, oh no!

I can't believe it is Sunday night AGAIN! Why? I have had a busy afternoon. That's when I got out of bed, in the afternoon. Went to have breakfast at the Birdseye Diner in Castleton. I had french toast, bacon, some home fries, oj, and coffee. We checked out our alma matter, Castleton State College, and I was amazed at the lovely new dorm and fitness center. Oh why didn't they have that when I went there? Then maybe I wouldn't be so god damn fat today, eh? We also looked around at the Village Store. That was kind of fun. Then we came back home. We went to visit our neighbors at their new house but they had made a trip to home depot. Instead I ended up hanging out with her downstairs for the past 2 hours. They are moving for good next weekend. She was running around chasing her 15 month old who gets into everything. I now smell like baked chicken for the rest of the day. I feel the urge to cook something even though I really am not very hungry.


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