Friday, April 08, 2005

Shimmying Cat!

I can't believe I haven't posted in a week. What a funny night it has been. I caught our cat Squeeky shimmying across the wood floors throughout the apartment after she exited the litter box. Upon further inspection, I noticed that she had a turd dangling from her butt by a string. How that string got there is still a mystery. After she had rubbed that turd all over and hid under the bathtub, I managed to get her out and grab the turd with a paper towel. GROSS! Before all of that happened I had a delicious honey BBQ wrap from the 99. While picking it up, I encountered a man who we have named the "SLOTH" who we believe resides in the hills of West Rutland. This is a scary, scary man who has a permanent deranged look on his face and a severe staring problem. Creepy! At home tonight I made homemade marshmallows. We will see how they come out tomorrow after they have dried out. I imagine they will be delicious in a cup of the Godiva hot cocoa that my neighbors gave us for Valentine's Day. It is late now but it is Friday. Thank goodness. I think it might be time for a 1 A.M. snack- NACHOS!!! "geez Kip, stay home and eat all the chips!" Ta Ta for now!


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