Sunday, May 08, 2005

Rummage Sale Gold Mine

This was rummage sale week! As soon as I read in the paper that my favorite rummage sale at the Congregational Church was happening on Thursday, I jumped for joy. I anticipated the excitement all week long and once Thursday arrived I couldn't sit still all day at work. I could not wait for 6 o'clock to come! People line up around the church and the old ladies will not let everyone in until exactly 6 P.M. Friday afternoon there was also a smaller one at the Baptist Church, but that one really bit. At the Congo Church (as Mary calls it) I got a huge bag of stuff for only $7.50. It included an old GE kitchen clock, a spice rack, a coffee grinder, a small lamp, a bag of assorted trim, lace, and elastic, a bag of yarn, and about 60 zippers-old but still new in their packages. Here are some pictures of my marvelous finds. It took me so long to post these because I am one of the last people on earth to get a digital camera. I work at a photo lab and still use my old faithful camera. I get free processing so what the hell...I will probably have to continue this way until my birthday or Christmas, or until I get a better job where I actually get paid something.
Fun Stuff!
Gold Mine
Bonus Iron-ons
Ancient Zippers
Yarn-for only 50 Cents!


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