Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Bachelor Blues

I'm going to complain about that damn bachelor again...
He calls all of the grown women on the show "girls" which he proceeds to do about 1000 times per episode. If I were considering him for a possible life mate, I surely would not want him to do something as disrespectful as thinking of me as a "girl". Mister Charlie here is extremely cocky thinking that all of those "girls" should be so intersted in him. Please give me a rose!!! Oh how I hate this show!
bachelor In this picture it looks like:
  • He is having a major stomach cramp and might puke over the side of the boat.
  • The waves are getting a little bit choppy and he has lost his balance.
  • He has to pee but must finish the photo shoot first.

Here he looks a little bit like Jason Bateman. I especially don't care for this fancy, beige 80s looking tracksuit top he has on.


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