Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Summary of Tuesday.

Did anyone notice Paula Abdul's kooky behavior tonight on American Idol? The first time she spoke I could hardly understand a word she said. She could hardly get out the words she was trying to say. I'm sure she's had a rough week and she must be on some kind of crazy tranqulizers to deal with the stress. Two cheers for Bo and that Performance of For the Love of Money! That was really good! It seems that I have either come down with a cold or I have some big time allergies going on. I have a really scratchy throat and my nose is snotting up. It is just torture! It Sounds like there was just a domestic dispute next door as someone was yelling in the street and then slammed a car door about five times and peeled out of here. I searched all over for a five year old bottle of wood glue and it was no where to be found. Why do things disappear when I really need them? I never found it and by the time I got my wood ready to take outside to spray paint, it was dark out. The lightbulbs in the hallway and on the porch keep blowing out and I keep telling the landlords but no one bothers to change them but me and I am so sick of it. I have spent way too much money on lightbulbs for this house which keep getting ruined. So now that the smoker tenant is going to move in soon we will see how long it takes the landlords to do something about this.


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