Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow...It'll Soon Be Here...

Here are some things I have been looking at tonight:
Nordic Section, what a neat collection of things! Which I discovered by reading Super Eggplant like I always do. I especially love the alligator pouch. I want one! And here is a funny as hell blog that I can't stop looking at, Amalah. There's just something about it...I laughed really hard at the entry in the picture section about making homemade peanut butter cups. This is always funny, as is this. Also LJC and Not Martha are my old favorites.
Here is some gloomy news that better reflects the state of things around here:
The landlord has been making a racket downstairs all day and half the night. We discovered that The Smoker (only eight more days until her arrival-GAG!) is going to have a washer and drier next to ours in the basement. The landlord built a special plywood platform for her and in order to get it to fit, pushed our machines over into the area where there are turdlets on the floor from the plumbing disaster that was never properly cleaned up this winter. Ours were put on pallets long ago but the washer was removed from it by the Sears repairman because it was malfunctioning due to vibrations from being on it. So it has been sitting in the said turdlet germs since the mess occurred. In the process our dryer must have gotten moved which makes the door keep flapping closed every time you try to load it up. I was down there two hours ago trying to adjust it on the pallet. Its little feet would not stay in place and kept slipping into the cracks. I was so angry, I had a swearing fit and called the pallet "FUCKER" more times than I can count. You think the landlord would have heard and come to my assistance seeing as how he was only a foot above my head. After 30 minutes of fighting with it ALONE, I came upstairs and had a good cry. Thanks a lot landlords...I WANT A PLATFORM!
Here is a showbusiness update:
Can you believe that there is going to be a Dukes of Hazzard movie with Jessica Simpson? And Burt Reynolds as Boss Hogg? What an incredibly trim and fit Boss Hogg!?!?!?!?! I am listening to Extra, or Entertainment Tonight, or Access Hollywood (pick one) in the background and I can hardly pay attention to what I am doing here. Boy is that show is trashy! Another trashy thing that was on tonight was the Rob and Amber wedding. That had to be the most ridiculous show that ever was. Also, the Nick and Jessica Tour of Duty special thing that was on last night. Ohhhhh, the
Dyson vacuum commercial! "I just think things should work PROPERLY!" I can't stop eating Blow Pops...Ohhhhh that sounds so dirty. They are so fruity and delicious. SO SUGARY! I don't think I have had one since junior high, and now I have eaten enough to make up for all that lost time. Oh the Dyson ad again! It has a ball, and it still doesn't lose suction. An SMC infomercial. This is the pits. I really need to go to bed. Good night!


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