Saturday, May 21, 2005

Success, Stink, and Sickness.

I have been up since the crack of dawn today. I was happy that the sun was shining when I opened my eyes early this morning so that I could participate in the Farmer's Market. I wore shorts and sandals and even got a slight burn on my face. However, by the afternoon the ominous clouds moved in and it began to get quite cold. It never rained but the gusting wind knocked some of my displays over more times than I could count. Overall, it turned out to be a pretty good day and the sales weren't bad considering it is the beginning of the summer and not Holiday time. It looks like I will be doing it again next weekend *if* my Mom doesn't go away for the weekend and *if* it doesn't rain. We shall see...

The landlords have been clunking around pretty much all weekend doing renovations on the Smoker's apartment downstairs. Why bother? The walls are going to be coated with tar soon enough anyway. They are installing new bathroom fixtures. Have fun with that new low-flow toilet. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! While we are enjoying our old-fashioned lazy powerflusheroo of an antique up here.
Oh, by the way...
Smokers still stink!

After only eating a donut and coffee all day long we decided to venture out the the newly renovated Ponderosa here in Rut-Vegas. Big mistake, let me tell you. Despite the lovely new interior, that place still sucks! They didn't have any of the things that I like up for grabs today such as rice pilaf, baked beans, corn nuggets, mini pigs in a blanket, or the whipped up mousse, or as I call it the "mound". I'm not implying that those are good, but they are some of the more enjoyable things according to me. Did you know that they have a "fish" night? At least on that night you know the food is supposed to be gross. Normally the plates that are in the clean pile are covered with liquidy, bleachy, food residue (cool whip or broccoli). They weren't bad tonight but after drinking almost a whole glass of diet Pepsi, my poor boyfriend discovered a huge and greasy red lipstick mouth mark on his cup. REVOLTING!!! Complaining to the manager did not make the slightest bit of difference, seeing that the manager in charge really did not seem to care too much about it. He swore that it never happens there, but I BEG TO DIFFER. I am left with a bloat in my belly and onion straws repeating on me. Don't you ever secretly like something and keep going back for it even though it truely disgusting and always a bad idea? I had trouble finding a picture of that hell pit, but I dug up some BONANZA pictures from my archive for your viewing pleasure.
This was taken two summers ago in Augusta, Maine. While passing through at dinner time we discovered this lovely hillbilly hangout. Once we were inside and ordered and paid for our entrees it was too late to leave. This place is left over from the 80's. I have since learned that there was once a Bonanza in Rutland, when the old mall was in its heyday. This is like Ponderosa, only WORSE! Like a ghetto Ponderosa. It was one of the most unappetizing experiences in my life. While the locals (as you can see from the parking lot, they love this place) were scarfing down their food, I hardly ate anything. The food buffet was just a bunch of large Rubbermaid buckets stuck in a bar with cut out holes in it. If I wanted to eat out of Rubbermaid containers I would have stayed home and eaten the leftovers in the fridge. The food was putrid and I left with an empty stomach. Thank the Lord we went on a grocery shopping expedition at Shaws on the way to the house. This next picture was taken out back. Not that you can see it very well. It was starting to get dark out. I couldn't get too close since they would either fly away or attack me. It is the dumpster with buzzards eating trash. Actually they were giant seagulls acting like buzzards. Besides, BUZZARD is my favorite word ever. It is fun to say and it can be used in a sentence like "My boss was buzzarding around work ALL day long." or "I'm going to buzzard around the parking lot until there is a spot up front."


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