Friday, June 03, 2005

Getting out of Rutville.

It was another festering hot day at work. Pure Hell. El Cheapo boss did NOT turn on the air conditioning at all even though it was 87 degrees out again. She kept wiping her brow with the back of her hand and going "phew!" over and over. She also ran film until waaaaaaaay after the cut off time and stayed there until 5 P.M. The day dragged even worse than yesterday.
Bad news, smoker Nancy has been chain smoking all evening long. Every 20 minutes it comes right out of her living room window and up into my bedroom window. The only good thing so far is that she goes to bed early and she can't smoke when she is sleeping. I have my Walmart candle going and a can of unscented Oust within reach. This morning when I went to leave for work she had some redneck buddy over and she was parked in the middle of the driveway. Her dog had a fit when she saw me and started lunging at me then I had to wait for the bitch to stop talking and get in her car so I could get out! I was 5 minutes late for work. According to the bank across the street it was 8 minutes. I have got to get ready for bed because I have to be out of here before 8 A.M. tomorrow. It's jury day at the Brandon Artists Guild!!! Then I am going to Middlebury to meet up with Trish, and then home to see my mom and sister.
I am so not an early bird.


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