Monday, June 06, 2005

Life is Brutal.

I feel so BUSY! I had to be at work sort of early today. I have to be there REAL early tomorrow and pretty early for the three days after that. It has been crazy busy for the past couple of weeks. We did 78 rolls of film today and at the height of craziness the machine malfunctioned and they had to tear it all apart. We got so behind that when I left there this afternoon there were already 40 or so to start with tomorrow morning. It is so hot in there and the boss has been around ALL day, so it has been BRUTAL! Just MURDEROUS!
To add to that hell, I have to come home to Nancy the smoker and her boyfriend Roger Redneck who is "thinkin' about roomin' with her." After stewing and fretting all day I called the landlords to set up a meeting to complain about the smoke when I got home. Mr. Landlord found out about R.R. today when he came to set up Nancy's washer and dryer in the basement. Apparently R.R. was not known of when the lease was signed and now he is planning on moving in. In addition, it seems that Nancy is unemployed at the moment, which she also lied about. Nobody is happy here except the trailer trash and this is going to be a long saga, I'm sure
...More updates soon!
On Sunday we went to Home Depot to get an air conditioner for my room. The heat was buzzardly and the smoke was coming in all of my windows. It has helped considerably so far. We ended up eating spicy chicken sandwiches at Wendy's for dinner. Not bad.
After all of the commotion tonight I didn't end up having much of anything for dinner. Oh, by the way, forget what I said about those Thai noodles a while ago. I have had them twice since and they totally sicked me out. Barf! There's not much else going on. I don't know what's happening with the Artists Guild yet. I should be receiving a decision letter sometime this week. My fingers are crossed! Now with more hours at work and all of this busyness I haven't had time do anything crafty. Baaaahhhhhhhh!!!


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