Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sweater Search

I spent much of the past two days searching for a new sweater to replace the throw-up sweater. It seems that no one around here sells those sweaters any more. You know the ones...thick hand-knit wool sweaters which are made in Ecuador. There are a few on Ebay that don't look to be large enough. A few years ago there were tables of them EVERYWHERE. I am just going to have to wait and see what turns up. I checked out the selection at the Salvation Army (nothing good there) and the Open Door Mission (found a thin wool JCREW sweater). All of the clothes were half-price today. I used to go there on Thursday evenings when I got out of work and I was suprised to find a totally different crowd there during the day. It was mobbed with old people. I had a funny conversation with an elderly man about the men's sweaters. I was looking at a purple/teal/white sweater with snowflakes and he very seriously informed me that it was a woman's sweater. Firstly because of the brand and secondly because those were "woman's colors." I told him "some men might wear those colors" and he started to tee-hee over it as I think he took that to mean that a "feminine" type of man might wear it. I love to joke around with old people like that to see if I can shock them! I had better luck at Camille's which sells used clothing. They have a ton of stuff and are often looking to buy good quality used garments. Since spring is coming they have marked down much of the winter stock. I got a pair of llbean shorts and a pair of Lane Giant brown pants.
I also found this Lane Giant fleece pull-over marked down to a dollar. It looks grey here but it is a nice dark forest green color.
They had a few of my sweaters which were all too small, except for this grey one. It was only ONE DOLLAR, so what the hell! It needs a little bit of work but it is my size! You can see here that I was removing the pills with my super dog hair brush/pill remover.
In other news, still no job because I haven't been looking too hard. I called about unemployment and found out what the deal is. You have to keep checking in with them and prove that you are applying at places. For the sparse amount of money I will be getting, it really isn't going to make a huge difference. I really need to get my ass in gear. Yes indeed!
Since I was home I made homemade macaroni and cheese and salad for dinner. Yum! Then I spent the evening socked out on the couch watching American Idol.


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