Sunday, January 29, 2006

Goodbye Sophie

Sophie, my Mom and Sister's kitty passed away on Friday. She wasn't even two years old. Last fall she went missing for a couple days. It was cold and rainy and she was found my a neighbor just in time. We believe she was hit by a car. She was paralyzed in the back legs, but seemed to be getting around ok and doing many of her normal activities. However, on Friday afternoon, my Mom found her in distress and took her to the Vet's office. Her lungs were filled with fluid and she had to be put down. The Vet thought that a blood clot could have traveled from her legs up to her lungs.Sophie was such a nice cat. She had a short life but was well loved. She will be missed.
Here she is with Otto who is now going crazy because he is the only animal left in the house.
Here she is as a kitten.
I got the camera out to take pictures of the progress I have made organizing. I couldn't resist bothering Squeeky. I can never catch her doing anything good. Last week she got into the back bathtub but by the time I got the camera she had gotten out.
Don't you dare get up on that table, cat!
Squeeky coming in to admire her clean shitter.
Look at all that I got done in my studio!
My table is clean!
I got a shelf at Walmart to stack my clothes up on but after I had put it together I found the top shelf was cracked right in the front. I couldn't get the damn thing apart so the top shelf is going back to the crap emporium and they better let me take another shelf. Here is is topshelfless.
I got a really nice wool J.Crew sweater at the Open Door Mission thrift shop this week for cheap. I used one of those Dryel dry cleaning kits on it to freshen it up. It is fluffy and nice smelling now. See how the tag says XL? This sweater must be from the 90's when clothes actually fit. Now everything is so frickin small and loaded with lycra. This fits me great. Why can't clothes be like that again? Things at the Gap used to fit me. Now there is no chance of that. The Gap in the mall here just went out and I can honestly say that I don't really care.
Here is our kitchen. The counter space is very limited so I installed this shelf when we moved in. Then the shelf was cluttered so I bought these colorful containers at the dollar store and filled them with utensils, dish towels, and measuring cups. Lookin' good!
That is my update for the week. Adios!


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