Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Shopping, Sawing, Sewing, Snapping, and Searching.

It's been pretty busy around here lately... I had a nice three day weekend. ALL of the nitty gritty cleaning projects were neglected. We didn't do even one load of laundry. The weather was windy, snowy, and bone-chilling cold on Saturday and Sunday. After staying in the whole weekend and feeling about to go crazy, we ventured out on Monday afternoon to Saratoga Springs, New York to do some looking around and shopping. We stopped at the outlets in Lake George we went into Harry and David which was a new experience for me. Everything looked so good. We also went into Yankee Candle where they had many good deals. I got this delicious watermelon candle. I thought they stopped making these a few years ago... Maybe they did but they had a whole shelf full of them. A really funny thing happened while we were there. I was about to go up to the register to pay when we heard a giant, loud fart blast through the front of the store. Eric thought it was me but it was a goofy retarted man who was with his keeper at the counter. The woman turned him around to lead him out of the store and he was giggling and grinning like crazy. Needless to say, we backed off and looked around for a few more minutes.
I ended up spending a lot of time at A.C. Moore looking at craft supplies. I couldn't find what I was looking for but ended up with a few things anyway. We visited the Super Walmart where everything is pretty darn cheap. I got this mitre box and saw which are going to change my life. Seriously, I am going to use this ALL of the time!!!
About two weeks ago I found these neat bins at Big Lots. I have been using this one to carry my project to work to do in the afternoon. Also, I use it at home and feel pretty special.
That leads me to show and tell about these pin cushions and brooches I have been making all weekend. The pin cushions were inspired by Hillary at Wee Wonderfuls, which turned into making round and heart pins.
My sister gave me a roll of film to develop today. The pictures were mostly of Selby. Here are a couple of her and Sophie. Aren't they cute?
Finally, my boss announced on Friday that the photo lab will be closing on February 15th for good. I have worked there for four and a half years and business has been declining steadily for most of it. There are two things that have really killed it, which are as follows: Digital cameras have taken over. Everyone has one and a printer and can print their own pictures easily at home. The second thing is that there are photo labs at every drug store and department store around town. People don't realize that their photos look like crap and they could look better if someone who really cares is printing them. All day I have had to deal with regular customers asking "why?" and "What is poor Missy going to do?" That's the boss, and she has plenty of money so all we can do is laugh at that. I REALLY am going to have to find another job now, which is my least favorite thing in the world to do. Four weeks left. What in the heck am I going to do? Some good news for the day was that I got a check for $83 from Lowell Country Gifts in Benson where I have been selling some of my goods since the end of November. That was a nice surprise.


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