Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Blogging Extravaganza!

Squeeky has been having a wonderfully frisky day. She has been very excited to have Eric home with her all day long! She had a delish snack of rotisserie turkey this evening. Now she is very tired and is sleeping in a tall box in the livingroom.
I braved the crowd at Walmart yesterday to try to get some marked down Christmas crap. They had cute stuff this year, even if it is probably all from China. I got a nice stationary/card set for $4 something and a pair of red flannel sheets with designs on them for $10. Also picked up half price tissue paper, wrapping paper, tins, and some other stuff for next year.
Like I was saying yesterday I got some nice loot for Christmas. My Mom made me this blanket out of fleece we picked out at JoAnn Fabric after one of our craft sales. I was really looking forward to this gift because it is so dang cold in this stupid apartment. It is two layers and really warm, and pretty too.
Eric gave me this cool secret box with fish on it. It is just too darn neat!
secret box
Many of the gifts I gave were homemade. This is a picture of a barrette I made for Eric's sister out of zippers. It was just too cool and I ALMOST kept it for myself! In the background is a scarf I knitted for Eric's Mom.
Before making all of the Christmas stuff I had been in high gear production for the craft sales. Big sellers this year were zipper pins and barrettes, glass bubble magnets, key chains, bottle cap picture frames, zipper pulls, and earrings. I am really low on product for now and must get busy creating in the next few months for the Farmer's Market starting in the spring. Here is a picture of the most recent zipper pins.
After one of my sales I got a call from a local woman asking me if I would like to buy her zippers. I ended up going over to her house to get them. I got many more offers but I have yet to hear anything else. If you would like to sell me your old zippers please leave me a comment!
We missed out on the Matisyahu concert tonight. Hopefully I will get to see him some other time. Instead I spent the evening socked out on the couch freezing to death.


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