Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Matisyahu will be at the Pickle Barrel in Killington, VT tomorrow night. Unfortunatly, I forgot to tell my sister about it until yesterday and now it looks to be sold out. I wonder if the radio station will give tickets away? The Pickle Barrel totally sucks because it is crawling with out of state ski assholes. Right now Rutland is full of giant SUVs with New York, New Jersey, and Conneticut plates. Baaaahhhhhh!!! However, at the Pickle Barrel the dance floor is right up next to the stage and there is a second floor where you can look down all around the stage. You can get very near the performers. Little Feat will be there too later on this spring.
I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. It was a little bit stressful trying to get everything done and get where we needed to be but it all worked out ok. Everyone was happy with their gifts and we had some nice holiday dinners. Thank you to everyone for the cool presents, moolah, and the cards.
It has been a busy year here at the Stacie Mincher Designs house. I have had some extremely successful shows this season. I am looking forward to getting a website set up and getting some of my things into some local stores. May the new year bring good things to everyone!


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