Saturday, January 07, 2006

Goodbye Selby

Our dog Selby passed away today. I think she just turned twelve years old. She joined our family during my last year of high school when she was a puppy. She was a good English Springer Spaniel who was always very happy and peaceful. She was well loved and will be missed very much. It's hard to believe she is gone. It is really sad. These photos were taken at home a few years ago.
I'm so sad, I can't stop crying. Baaaahhhhhhhhh!
In other news:
I can't put down this friggin stupid SuDoku book!!! I got this on Monday when I got a haircut at the mall. They started putting the puzzles in the paper this week and I have been hooked ever since. Check out the book clip in action! I haven't gotten much else done. I can't do any projects until I organize this mess in the craft room.
Here's something cool:
McCormick Peppercorn and Sea Salt grinders!
Eric bought the pepper one. We were out of peppercorns and I hadn't gotten to the Co-op to buy more. Eric's Mom had both of them at her house. Gimmicky but convenient. I have no idea how much they cost. The bottles say that they are disposable and not to refill. I think that is quite wasteful but that is what recycling is for. Still, they are cool and freshly ground pepper beats stale old pepper in a can any day. And sea salt is pretty special too.
Check out this video of OK GO on WEQX 102.7. This song is just soooooo cool!
You can also listen live on the internet! Very cool.


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