Sunday, February 26, 2006

Au revoir Montreal!

It's been a vacationy sort of a week. We were in Montreal for three days. Montreal is suprisingly near here. I can't believe this was only my second visit there. We managed to get quite a bit accomplished in a short amount of time. Since the hotel we stayed at was only a block and a half from St. Catherine street we walked everywhere. I think we walked about a bazillion miles. My feet felt like they were going to break in half and I have a huge blister/callous on one of my little toes. We walked up and down the main drag, shopped at the Eaton Center, went to St. Joseph's Oratory, found China Town, and visited the Museum of Contemporary Art. There is so much amazing food in Montreal! There are all kinds of ethnic eateries all over the place. We sampled Mexican, Greek, Middle Eastern, Chinese, as well as coffee, smoothies, and many other various snacks. The candy there is also interesting. They have so many things we don't have here such as Kinder Eggs and Aero Bars. Yum! The gum is upside down-oops!
I picked these chips up at a grocery store on the way home. They were delicious! It seems that some store around here used to have the President's Choice brand?
Here's what I found in China Town. I also tried bubble tea-very interesting!
Here's what Eric got me at the Oratory gift shop. They had a museum filled with 275 Nativity scenes from 107 different countries made out of all kinds of materials.
We stopped at used book store where I picked up these records for a dollar each.
Here's what was inside of the Bee Gees album cover...There is much wonderful merchandise for sale. I wonder if I can still get a t-shirt for $7 or a logo necklace for $6.50? It says that there is a "tremendous demand" for these products. Tee-hee!
Montreal is a really neat place with so much to do and see. All was great until we returned to Vermont. And boy oh boy do I have a story to tell...
First let me offer this up as evidence. My favorite sweater/coat covered with puke that is not my own.
We had a pretty full day in Montreal on Friday and we got a very late start getting home. By the time we got to Burlington, Vermont it was about 12 a.m. We needed coffee and wanted a bite to eat. We drove downtown and there were hoardes of drunk college students everywhere. Not very much was open so we went to Denny's. That was a HUGE mistake. It was absolutely MOBBED, mostly with drunk students, some who didn't look old enough to have been drinking alcohol. We were seated and ordered water and coffee. We had only been in there less than 10 minutes and were looking at the menu. All of a sudden I felt something strange and soft hit me in the back. My first thought was the obnoxious bastards were throwing food at eachother, which would have been preferable to what really did happen. I turned around to look behind me and there was a kid with his head hanging down in his food dish like he was completely passed out. Apparently, he became sick and projectile vomited across the table and it hit me square in the back. I don't like wearing coats so I normally wear a shirt or turtleneck, a regular sweater, and the sweater shown above as a coat over it all. It is one of those handknit wool South American sweaters that I just love to death. I have been looking for a new one but they aren't as popular as they were a few years back when I bought this one. I haven't been able to find another anywhere. There was spew all over the back of my precious sweater, in the ends of my hair, all across our table, and all over the floor. I immediately got up and went into the bathroom to assess the damage. I spent a good 10 minutes picking chewed up toast and egg out of the sweater and wiping vomit off with wet papertowels. When I came out of the bathroom, Eric was standing by the door talking to the manager. I told them what happened and how upset and disgusted I was. At the time the puke didn't smell too bad and I asked the manager for money so that I could have my sweater/coat cleaned. However, I was told that could not be done as they would have to take my name, address, and phone number to contact me later about it. I was given $10 in gift certificates and two large coffees in togo cups and we left. We ended up going across the street to the grocery store to clean up better and walk around for a bit. It was about 1 a.m. by that time and we were totally wigged out. On friday it had gotten to be bitter cold out and very windy. I had to get home with no coat on and feeling like I had puke in my hair. I ended up having the Denny's employees put the sweater into a big garbage bag and it went into the trunk to bring home. It spent the night and most of today in the garbage bag in the entryway of our house. When I went down there this afternoon I moved the bag and the smell of rancid vomit reeked so bad it turned my stomach. I took a picture of it and placed it into another bag and put it outside on the porch. I think the sweater is going to have to live outside for a while until I decide what to do with it. I don't even think a good drycleaning will help it. It it completely contaminated. I almost doubt I will hear anything from Denny's. I am going to write them a nasty letter with the picture of the ruined sweater. I am just so sick over this! Since I will never be able to wear the sweater again I feel that I deserve a monetary payment so that I can replace the sweater with a comparable sweater or coat. I also feel that we deserve two free dinners at Denny's to make up for the ones we were supposed to have but couldn't. Even though I don't think I will be dining at Denny's for a VERY, VERY LONG TIME! I feel completely violated in a way that I have never felt in my entire life. Puke is bad enough when it is your own, worse if it is from someone close to you, but completely and utterly heinous when it is from a stranger and you are unprepared to deal with it. I know that I learned never to expect to eat a meal late on a Friday night at a restaurant such as Denny's. I would really appreciate an apology from that drunk little shit but I doubt he remembers anything that happened for much of the time he was at the restaurant. I sincerely hope that those college students learned a valuable lesson from the experience as well. I asked Eric what happened after I went into the bathroom and he said that that the kid's friends just sat there silent and stunned. No one could believe what had just happened! I would think that most normal people who are drunk and feel like they are going to throw up would let their friend sitting next to them know that they were going to be sick and ask to be let out of the booth. They would either go to the bathroom or outside and do their business and walk it off and feel better or go to the car and pass out. Not this guy. He just continued to sit there passed out with his head hung over the half eaten bowl of breakfast food. That kind of shit should happen in some random dorm room and not in public in a place where people are eating. People need to grow up and assume some responsiblity. When I was in college I had a couple episodes which did not affect anyone else, and subsequently I learned not to do it again. This was absolutly the worst thing that has happened to me in a very long time. Denny's will be hearing from me!



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