Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Crappy Shelf Report

You know that shelf I was talking about the other day? Yeah, this pain in the ass...
First of all, if you see this Black & Decker bastard in a box in the hardware section at Walmart, don't buy it. Second thing, there were no instructions but pictures of the pieces printed on the side of the box and they don't make any sense. We ended up putting this all together backwards. The legs were all in upside down and there was extra slack on the top. I knew something was wrong but I couldn't get it apart to fix it. Third thing was that the top shelf was cracked where you could see it in the front. I exchanged that piece at Walmart, no problem. However, I got it apart and put the thing back together the right way and wacked at it a few times with a rubber mallet to get it evened out and broke 2 pieces off the bottom. One I superglued back in place and the other I couldn't find. Then I hit the top cover part and they cracked. They are now superglued too. Bahhhhhh!
And if that wasn't enough, I walked by and the son of a bitch and it SCRATCHED me!
I was woken up this morning by Eric who called me from work. Everyone kept telling him that he smelled like a skunk. We have a skunk that keeps getting into the basement of our rental apartment. The landlord has known about it and continues to put mothballs around the house to keep it at bay. There must be a crack or a hole that it gets into but do you think he would bother to look for it? What if Pepe Le Pew is already in there and won't come out? The skunk smell as well as burnt rubber smell comes right into the apartments through the forced air heating vents. I hate the stench of mothballs and whenever he does that I can smell them in my room, my studio, and the bathroom.
Not everything is stinky around here. Eric got me these nice roses on Friday.


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