Friday, February 03, 2006

Dishes, disgusting mothballs, and drama!

Here is my big accomplishment for the evening.
I also have a smell report: When I got home yesterday the mothball stench was heinous. It was all through the apartment. After a confrontational phone call with the landlord it was determined that the skunk was not in the basement but under the porch. The air intake vent is at the bottom of the stairs inside of the front door. Therefore, the smell was being sucked inside and into the vent to be circulated around the house. The spaces between the steps and the porch are now sealed with plastic. The mothballs were removed from the front of the porch. Tonight when I got home the mothball stench was also heinous. I donned rubber gloves and grabbed a grocery bag and a flash light and proceeded to pick up all of the mothballs I could get to around the house. There must have been 300 of them! I was picking them up by the handful. It was like an stinky easter egg hunt with little hard balls of crack rocks that look like marshmallows. There are still probably a few hundred more under the porches and the edge of the foundation I couldn't get to. No more mothballs please! The only smell more offensive is cigarette smoke. My co-worker told me that the best thing to keep skunks away is human urine. I guess we will need to work on that.
After I worked on that, I bagged up all of the recycling and cans and bottles. While I was working on that I witnessed a domestic dispute between my neighbor George, who is a rowdy and old man, and some redneck that owed him money. There was shouting, dumping garbage, a broken window, and a visit from a Rutland police cruiser. Excitement! After that we went out for dinner at the new Quiznos, and made a trip to Hannaford for a few groceries.


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