Thursday, February 16, 2006

Oh For Christ's Sake!

Since I am home without a job for the time being, I have gotten to experience all that normally goes on around here while I am usually at work. Things have generally been better since I spent the whole day cleaning the bathroom. I am working on getting things spiffed up and organized. As you know, I have been complaining about the mothball odor that my lazy landlord created when he tried to repell the skunks from under the front porch. We have been dying up here: Every time the heat blows it stinks, our eyes are burning and our noses are running, my shirts and sweaters reek. We smell like a bunch of old ladies! I was outside for an hour with my big purple ass sticking up in the air trying to retrive the mothballs from under the porch. They were all around the house and I think I got most of them. About 15 minutes later there was a knock at the door. I ran to the stairs thinking it was Eric home from work wanting the door unlocked. However, there were 2 young guys outside the door, clean cut with black jackets and name badges on. I just knew right there that they were from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! Oh shit! And I knew that they had already seen me too. So I had to go down there, bra-less under my shirt to tell them that we were defininetly NOT interested. They tried to start their spiel, but I shut the door. God damn it! I hate when they show up. I am not religious, nor do I want to be!
Here are those stinkers are leaving the house.
And here they are leaving the neighbors house. Nobody wants to talk to you, you bunch of dummies!
I have become a slave to the zipper pins. Since I am not doing much of anything else, I need to get a ton of these made. Here are the first 6. The Farmer's Market is going to start before I know it. I also need to take these around to some local gift stores.
Last night we were at Walmart where I stocked up on super glue. The cashier commented "got enough glue?" The answer to that is yes, it looks like a lot, and no, I can never have enough for the project I am doing. I go through a ton of this!
Another funny thing that happened last night was that we were eating dinner at Applebee's. It was pretty busy and this couple came in and sat down in the booth across from us. The guy had big blond curly rockstar hair, and the woman looked kind of rednecky. All of a sudden the whole section of the resturant filled up with the smell of pot. Yes, pot. Weed. Reefer. Marahoony (as my ex-boss used say). Eric declared that they must have had a clambake in their car before they came in. It also smelled like they tried to cover it up with cheap perfume. They must have had a severe case of the munchies, as they ordered full-sized dinners that came on huge platters. It was thouroughly unappetizing, yet very amusing at the same time.
Well, it is dinner time and another day has rolled by. Eric just brought me a small plate of rice, baked beans, and hotdog. Sounds gross, but it is crazy delicious! It is also nice to have someone cook something and bring it in to me.


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