Sunday, March 19, 2006

Shopping, Sisters, Socks, and Squeeky.

Today I ended up going to Manchester, VT with my family. There are outlet stores there as well as some other interesting places, and my favorite radio station, WEQX. There is a great book store, The Northshire Book Store, which I may have mentioned before. It is really very big with many nooks. I saw so much stuff that I wanted. I also found a dollar on the floor. Lucky me. It was absolutely MOBBED when we were there as Paul Bremmer was speaking upstairs. We ate in the attached cafe which was ok depending on what you got. The baked goods and coffee looked really good but we were there to eat lunch. Afterward we ended up going to a make up store where I got some very special concealer, to Garnet Hill where I got a pretty sheet for $4, and to Cold Water Creek. The last stop we made was the Lion's Share Bakery for crossiants and coffee. We got there very late so there wasn't much left, but from past visits, I highly recommend the almond crossiants!
Oh! Check out this darn cool shower curtain that is on the Garnet Hill website on sale. We saw a sheet in this print.
Eric's family also came to visit at the same time. My mom and sister met Eric's sister for the first time ever. From our house we ended up going our separate ways. However, they ended up going to Manchester as well. They also went to the book store but we didn't see them. They went to totally different stores and Eric surprised me with these really cool socks from the Sox Market.
I have mixed feelings about Manchester. Despite the outlets being outlets, they are still VERY pricey. There was an unbelievable amount of fancy out of state cars mostly from New York and New Jersey. The stores were mobbed and the sales people also treat you as if you are a tourist. I try to stay away from places full of rich and snobby tourists. I don't care for their attitudes or their surburban assault vehicles. I just want to find good bargains and see some different sights.
Earlier in the week I went to Burlington, VT for the afternoon. Eric was taking a class up there for half the week. We ate dinner at a new place called Moe's. It was pretty good. It was very busy and right next to a new Starbucks too. We went to the Christmas Tree Store right before it closed and I got some neat things there too. Don't you just love a bargain?
It was a traumatic day for Squeeky, as she is antisocial and we had a lot of visitors. However, I bribed her with some chicken tonight and got her to sit ON me for 30 minutes. I petted her and she seemed very content. She is curled up on a fleece blanket on the couch right now. Good Night Squeeky!


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