Saturday, December 30, 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

One of my Christmas gifts from Eric finally came today. Wow! Was I excited to get this iPod shuffle! It was amazingly easy to set up and use. I have always wanted an iPod. Yay!

Another really cool thing that my sister gave me was this Demeter Waffle Cone cologne. We were looking at these in Burlington last week. I received a whole lot of other very cool and thoughtful gifts but they are either at home, tucked away, eaten, or were promised. More on that later. I finally got a great deal on a new coat this week at TJ Maxx.

I did a little shopping for myself too. I also found this pocketbook at TJ Maxx. It is a little different from what I am used to, but I really like something about it.
I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Happy 2007!!!


Blogger Amy said...


NICE LOOT! I'm even envious of the IPOD shuffle even though my ipod is nicer. I want some of that demeter perfume.


12:26 AM  
Anonymous victoria winters said...

Hey there - found you via Quarter Life Crisis and thought I'd stop by because we have similar tastes in music! I got an iPod shuffle for Christmas too! :) Makes working out much more enjoyable, doesn't it? Also, I love that zipper pin! Very cool! :)

11:04 AM  

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