Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hi and Bye!

Hi to everyone who is reading, and my new craft sale friends if you have found me! I am really sorry that I haven't been updating more often. I think about it every day though. I am having the busiest December of my life ever. I have been soooooooo busy with craft sales and making crafts that it is just about impossible to think about doing anything else. I have no idea when the heck I am going to do any Christmas shopping or making of holiday cards, maybe the day before Christmas, if I am not passed out from exhaustion! I have had two very successful sales this week and if you are in the area this weekend please come and see me at the Vermont Farmers Market sale at the Holiday Inn in Rutland, or visit my mom and Val who will be at the Brandon Farmers Market sale at the Brandon Inn. I hope everyone is healthy and well! Bye.


Blogger Amy said...


When are you going to update? You need to come home so you can help me pick out new glasses!!! Tomorrow afternoon, ok?


11:02 AM  

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