Thursday, November 09, 2006

Yes, I'm still alive.

Hi! Sorry about the long absence again. I have been hiding under a rock for the past month. If you've been paying close attention you would see that I have been updating the sidebar regularly, but other than that I am pretty lazy. What has been going on anyway?

*The farmers markets ended at the end of October. I didn't make it to the last one because of the rain and wind. It was ugly that day. It is really sad to know that I won't be able to spend three days a week hanging out outside, making money, and talking to all my friends again until May. I'm not looking forward to the cold and dreary winter and the and darkness that is already here. I don't know what I will do once my sales are all done after Christmas. I am already staying up way too late and sleeping through the mornings and well into the afternoon. Not good since there is only a limited amount sunlight for the day.

*The holiday shows are all planned and I am scheduled for ten until Christmas! The first one was this past week in Williston, Vermont. It was big and busy. The only problem was that we were stuck in a dark hallway and people could not see the merchandise. After a long pain in the neck visit to Walmart, I returned with two battery powered lamps and clamps. I felt clever for about an hour until they died and it was once again dark. Oh well. I ended up doing pretty good anyway. We were across from the bathroom and there was always a line of people waiting who came over to have a look. The big sellers of the day were bookclips. I have been busy working on zipper pins for the sale this weekend in Bristol, Vermont. I have done this particular show for a few years now and have always done well.

*My experience at the Brandon Artist's Guild has been very good. I have gallery-sat twice so far. The first day I had many sales and the second day I had none. The holiday show is up and I have some of my work in a special display case hanging on the wall. I have to bring in some more pieces again soon and order some gift boxes.

*Eric's stepfather, Fran, passed away on October 21st. It was sad news for all of us. We will miss him very much. I miss the lunches we regularly enjoyed with him and all of his interesting stories. I really appreciated Fran's excellent memory for the details of things which I had told him in previous visits. Many people either don't listen or can't remember a lot of those things.

*I half-heartedly celebrated my 30th birthday. We found out about Fran that day so Eric and I didn't do anything special. He got me a cake which I enjoyed. I was at Eric's for the week, so the next weekend I went out to dinner with my family. My sister gave me the new book by Amy Sedaris - I like you: Hospitality Under the Influence. I especially enjoy the craft section. My Mom had a gigantic banner made for Stacie Mincher Designs. Pictures of that some other day.

*I have had a few minor thrift store purchases since the last post. A lot of wool sweaters that may or may not be slightly too small, a couple melamine bowls...what else did I drag home?
My latest thing has been shopping for zippers on eBay. I have had good luck with a couple good auctions with another one on the way. (Be quiet MOM-I don't want to hear about it!) The last box arrived just on time as the zippers had small teeth and I was just at the point where those were helpful to me. They were beautiful. How can someone get so excited about zippers? you ask. I just can.

*I found this news story about my Dad's Bed and Breakfast online. That is just typical. My Dad is crazy about Halloween. I can remember when my Dad and Jackie crashed one of my junior high dances when they came to pick me up dressed like Dracula and the Grim Reaper. Another Halloween a couple years later my Dad abandoned us in Buttolph Acres. He was dressed like Albert Einstein and he exclaimed "the night is still young!" and took off without planning a pickup time. Amy and I were stranded out in the rain and had to call my friends father to bring us home. That was delightful. My Dad looks more and more like my Grandma every time I see him.

Ok, that is my report. I have to call it a night now. Hopefully I will get motivated to write more or take some pictures soon.


Blogger Soren said...

hey! I don't know how I just came across your blog, but I just wanted to comment - I'm in Western Mass (Northampton, right now) and I sold stuff at the Greenfield Farmers Market all summer. I wrote this exact same post (your paragraph about it being over) at the end of it. I mean almost literally - for a second I thought this was a quote from my livejournal.

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was searching the web and found your blog site only to find that you had incorporated the halloween TV video done by KFYR TV. Thanks for linking my B&B web site!
Oh, by the way, I haven't heard from you in a while....I'll be walking the AT and be in VT in early July 2008.
P.S. I'm not so nuts about halloween anymore.

5:00 PM  

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