Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Good News!

I reached my 200 picure mark on flickr and got a notice to either pay up or delete some images. I was only able to delete 2 and then it didn't want to cooperate any longer. So I am posting these photos using the blogger picture option now since it works and it never worked before. With dial-up here at home it takes forever to upload. If that's all I have to work with, so be it.

So here is a picture of some of the assorted stuff I got at the Open Door Mission thrift store in Rutland on Monday. Lots of zippers, thread, beads, keychains, trim, buttons, and more of that boondoggle cord shit. Pretty cool. The best part is sorting it all out.

Anyway, while I wait 5 minutes for one picture I will fill you in what I have been up to lately. I have been doing a lot of the same for the past few weeks:
*I have been busy with my three farmers markets: Middlebury, Brandon, and Rutland. These few weeks have been a little slow since everyone went back to school and the leaves have only just started to change colors. Everyone is expecting it to pick up very soon. We did a fall festival in Proctor last Saturday. They had scenic train rides all day. I wish I could have gone on one. I didn't do very good because it rained just about all day and there just wern't a lot of people around. I have many fall festivals planned as well at the markets until the end of October. I am also planning holiday shows right now.
*I have very exciting news! I have been accepted as a member of The Brandon Artists Guild! I tried to get in last year but didn't make it. I was disappointed but was told to try again. This year was even more competitive than the last. There were over 100 qualified artists who were interested. I had to send in pictures two weeks ago and made the first cut. I participated in the hands-on jury on Saturday which included 17 artists. Out of all of those people only 5 or 6 were accepted. I got an official call tonight to inform me that I made it. I have improved my designs and technique so much over the past year. My work was as perfect as it could be this time around and I was very nervous about the whole process. I made it and I am so excited! I will be bringing my work on Friday which is great because Saturday is the big palette auction and a lot of people will be in town. Warren Kimble, the great American folk artist, is a founding member of the guild and everyone turns up to try to buy his work. Thank you to Coliene, the members of the jury, and all of my Brandon market friends for talking about me!
*I also have been working on getting my creations into some stores. On a tip from my awesome friend Trish, I now am selling zipper pins and a couple other things at Made Boutique in Burlington, Vermont. Sara, the owner, will eventually be selling the merchandise online as well. I also have a good variety of things at Sugar House crafts on Route 4 in Rutland. I have had stuff at Lowell Country Gifts in Benson, Vermont since last November.
*I have a cold. I sure hope it goes away soon.
*Eric and I are going to start working on a web page for Stacie Mincher Designs very soon. It have been a long time coming and I am very happy that Eric has volunteered to head it up. Thanks Eric!

Here is a picture of knitting. I got a deal on some yarn last weekend and needed a project to do while I was staying at Eric's apartment. I can't bring any big and messy projects as there isn't enough space or time to work on them. This knitting was perfect because I could work on it while we sat and talked.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on making it into the guild! Sounds like your craft has nowhere to go but up =)

2:48 AM  
Blogger Stacie said...

Thank you! It is a very exciting time for me. I already sold 2 pins there over the weekend! I have to work a day there pretty soon and it is a little scary but everyone is so talented and nice. I am really psyched.

1:32 PM  

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