Saturday, September 02, 2006

Nice new craft space, glasses gripes and goodies, market magic, and the fatty food fair.

I have a new workspace! When I got home last Monday afternoon my Mom and I embarked on a serious house reorganization project. I relocated all of my craft stuff plus an extra table into the old family room of the house. It is super spacious and the most organized it has ever been. It didn't even take me very long. As soon as everything was in place I got right to work. Over the past two weeks I managed to produce about 50 new zipper pins and barrettes and close to 100 new magnets. I have been selling a ton of them and needed desperately to replenish my supply. I also have an old couch in the space so when I feel like I am going to pass out from crafting exhaustion I can flop on it and take a nap. We also did a little bit of cleaning and my mom rearranged the living room furniture. Here is a picture of my wonderful new space.
The past two weeks have been busy, productive, and extremely successful! Last week was my best week at the markets ever and then this week was the second best. I don't know what is going on, but I couldn't believe my luck. I will be sad when the markets end in October. I am also beginning to plan my craft fair schedule for the fall and winter.
I actually have a little bit of money saved up now and I am so proud of myself. I have been in need of a new pair of glasses since May and now I can finally afford them. I went to the local eye doctor's office in Middlebury that my mom and sister go to and picked out a beautiful new pair of frames with some really special lenses. They won't be done for 3 weeks and I am so excited, I just can't wait!
My current pair is only 3 years old and I really don't even wear them much because I wear contacts most of the time. I am now going to gripe about Lenscrafters. I got this pair there and just look at what a piece of shit they are now!
Lenscrafters is like the McDonalds of eye care. Fast, poor quality, and just not very good. First of all, there is a nasty guy that has worked at the one here forever. I don't appreciate his attitude. Then, they did a terrible job. The lenses were cut and shaped really shoddily. It really bothered me and I took them back to complain. After a good dose of bad attitude, they redid them but they still weren't much better. The lenses also have a bunch of tiny air bubbles inside them. Then two years later when I had eye allergies and had to wear them every day for a month straight they really got put to the test. The spring on one arm that enables it to bend back the other way broke right off. I have had to super glue it a bunch of times and then last week the same thing happened to the other side. Then that same day the glasses got caught in my sweater and one nose pad ripped off half way. In order to fix the broken springs, they have to take them off of another new pair of frames and would charge $30 per arm. I figured that I might as well just get a new pair at this point. Did you know that at Lenscrafters they put your lenses in the nasty model pair that everyone has tried on and that is what you get, and pay big bucks for, I might add! The local place that I went to in Middlebury this week orders a fresh pair for you. I was very pleased with the service I got there and with the selection of frames available.
The Vermont State Fair in Rutland began yesterday and of course we had to go to check it out and eat dinner. My favorite BBQ place was not there this year and I had a very hard time finding a decent chicken sandwich to eat. I already ate two hotdogs this week on two seperate occasions and I wasn't about to eat another one. By the time we left I was completely exhausted. I haven't gotten enough sleep in a few days and I think I better try to get ready for bed very soon or I will be in trouble.


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