Friday, May 05, 2006

You take the good, you take the bad...

Sorry about my absence. Sometimes if you have nothing good to say, you shouldn't say anything at all. Right? Things have recently been crappy, busy, and stressful. Eric and I have both been sick with colds for two weeks now. I was at the doctors office two weeks ago with pink-eye and now it looks like I will have to wear my glasses for an extended period of time as I have some allergies in my eyes that need to clear up. Yuck. Eric ended up in the hospital on Saturday night due to an abscess in his throat which needed to be drained. He was released on Sunday, which was earlier than they had initially thought. He is doing a lot better now.
I have not been doing very good in the area of searching for a job. I spent quite a bit of yesterday filling out job applications. Blah. Things could always be worse though.
Speaking of which, A month or so ago I found out that my ex-boss, Missy, was very ill with lung cancer. She found out she had it the week that she closed her business. She passed away on April 19th. I had no idea until a few days after when one of my friends emailed me about it. I am still shocked!
The Farmer's Market in Rutland begins this Saturday. If the weather is crappy we will wait until next weekend. It might end up being fine. I have gotten a lot of crafts made, but not as many as I would have liked. Today I tried making a bracelet out of zippers. Not bad. Maybe the next will come out a bit better.

The last time I wrote I mentioned that I had some crafts for sale at Bernier's Vermont Shop. Since then they have closed their doors due to a lack of business. They started out good but it has been slow over the past few months and the rent for the building was just too high. They are going to open a shop soon at their home. They are hoping to be successful there as it is near two bed and breakfasts and on the way to the Chittenden Dam which is a popular swimming and recreation spot for locals.
Just recently I inherited my Mom's 2000 Camry and I am enjoying it immensely. Which reminds me to mention the new Toyota Yaris. I first saw these cars while visiting Montreal this winter. They are just the cutest little cars, and extremely fuel efficient. The starting price is $10,950 for the most very basic. They are now for sale in the United States and if I had money, I would definitely buy one!

My mom and sister finally adopted a new kitten. It is a boy. Any ideas for names?



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Cool zipper bracelet!
Sorry to hear that you're both sick. Hope you guys get better soon!

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