Friday, April 21, 2006

Goody Goody Grab Bags!!!

I stopped at the Open Door Mission thrift store yesterday afternoon and found thing great goody bag for $3. Once I got home I kept admiring it and picking it up but didn't get a chance to lay it all out until this morning. There is a whole bunch of neat trim, ribbons, pipe cleaners, tassels, elastic, and even a few zippers. I am going to have a lot of fun with this one!
I am really enjoying the warm weather that has finally come our way. I hear it is supposed to be ugly this weekend. Eric dragged me out for a 2 mile walk last night. I also had to go to Walgreens to get some cough drops. I'm sick! Damn it! I also ended up with a good amount of Russell Stover marshmallow and coconut filled chocolate eggs. Whaaaaatttttt? They were 75% off and delicious! I spent some time out on the porch today transplanting our herb garden to a bigger pot and some other houseplants that had a rough winter. I wanted to plant a couple other things but ran out of dirt. Around dinner time we went to the mall. I got a slice of pizza and a salad. It was pretty good. We walked around and people watched then got stuck in Kmart when the mall entrance closed at 9. We had parked at the opposite end of the mall and had to walk outside around pretty much the whole thing. I was working on organizing in my craft room until I was interrupted and had to come in here.


Blogger Sales Rack Raider said...

That's quite a goodie bag you got there! Have fun with it, and hope you feel better soon!

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