Sunday, March 26, 2006

Weekend Report

I have had a pretty busy weekend! Eric and I took a trip to Montpelier, Vermont yesterday. I haven't been there in a while as there are definitely more interesting places in the state to visit if you are considering making a trip. As you know, Montpelier is our state capitol. Eric and his sister grew up there and have a lot of memories of their hometown. It is noticeable right away that there is a different vibe going on there than here in Rutland. The sidewalks on Main Street were busy with people milling around and the street was bumper to bumper traffic. When we arrived around 4 in the afternoon it seemed that many of the stores were closed, but most of the restaurants were open. There was a film festival going on which would have been interesting if we had had more time. I desperately wanted to go to the ReStore to look for some art supplies. My sister has raved about this store, but every time I get to Montpelier it is closed. Unfortunately, we got there after 3 pm and it had closed for the day. Dang it! However, they have a website now, so check it out! By the looks of it, they have a lot of neat stuff. They have random things like old wallpaper books, empty lip balm tubes, and fabric scraps by the pound. We met Eric's sister and mother, Naomi and Deborah, at a newish restaurant called Rhapsody. Looks like the website is still under construction. They call themselves a "natural foods" restaurant. Naomi loves it because she is a strict vegan and there is no question in her mind that the food is safe for her. It was pretty good, but could use a little bit of tweaking in my opinion. It is a cafeteria style restaurant where you grab a tray and a plate and pick what you want. It is sold by the pound and some things are sold individually such as egg rolls and samosas, chili and soup. The best things were the mashed sweet potatoes, brown rice, salad, guacamole and chips. They also had lots of hot dishes such as vegetables and tofu, and cold dishes like pasta salad. I really was wishing for some dairy or cheese or vegan substitutes and maybe some bread and butter or croutons. I don't know if I would go there again. Zabby's Stone Soup in Burlington is similar, but a whole lot better. Afterward we went to the Hunger Mountain Co-op. It is pretty big with a nice selection. I enjoyed it because they had lots of neat treats we don't have around here and a great selection of bread. We called in a take out order at Finkerman's BBQ to take home. I wish we had eaten there instead! We ended up heating up BBQ at 1 am when we got home. Damn! That's good shit! We took a detour to Williston and Burlington and spent a while at Barnes & Noble and Starbucks. Although it was good to get out of town for the day, it was a long one and we found ourselves getting just a little bit crabby at each other.
Oh, on the way we stopped at the Pittsfield General Store on Route 100. I had never been there and was pleasantly surprised upon entering. They had a nice wood fireplace and tables, a deli counter, coffee, wine, Vermont products, snacks and groceries. We had a bowl of vegetable soup topped with homemade croutons. It was delicious! I would definitely stop there again probably to try a sandwich.
I talked to my sister this morning and she gave me a happy report about a blind date she went on last night. I am very pleased for her. She and mom ended up visiting the Humane Society again only to find that
Bailey the cat had just barely been adopted. The search goes on. Amy also told me that someone at the Starbucks in Burlington told my mom that there is supposed to be a Starbucks in Rutland by 2007. Ohhhhh boy! I might be gone by then though.
I decided to be productive this morning and tried to make a pot of minestrone soup. It didn't come out like I had hoped. I made some beautiful croutons for the top which were the best part. Looks like I will need to shop for some salad veggies to put them on as I don't think I will be eating too much more of that soup unless a miracle occurs and it is magically better tomorrow! Eric and I went out this afternoon to do some bargain shopping at Mr.G's discount store. It is a fun crush and dent adventure. I pretty much always find something there. They always have 10 cent cans of seltzer which I enjoy. Bubbly and exciting, yet devoid of sugar and calories. Not like that really bothers me, but it is a delight nonetheless! We ended up going to the New Village Snack Bar to pick up a quick dinner. I always look forward to it opening for the season because it means summer is coming. Although it is tasty, it is a little bit sickening. I was eyeballing the creemees but that would have been too much at once.
Well, tomorrow is Monday and I have to continue with my job search. I have a couple ideas, but it is just going to take a little bit of motivation. Bummer...


Anonymous mwb said...

Enjoyed reading your weekend report Stacie, particularly the portion of it concerning your recent visit to Montpelier.

11:12 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

Did you bother using spell check?

7:31 PM  
Blogger Stacie said...

Well Amy,
I can't get it to work. I put my arrow to the button and click the mouse and nothing happens. What should I do?

12:03 AM  

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