Monday, August 07, 2006

Oh My Gawd! It Was AWWWWEsome!

Yesterday Eric and I went to Lake George, New York to take a one hour excursion aboard the Minne-Ha-Ha. I can't believe we have never been. The tickets were only $10.50 each. The boat has three levels and there was plenty of room to move around. The boat has a paddle wheel which is steam powered. It was light out when we started at 7:30. We watched the sun set and it was dark by the time we arrived back at the dock. The only thing was that we could hardly understand what the person was saying on the loudspeaker about what we were looking at. They were talking very fast and there was a lot of background noise. It was a lot of fun!
minne ha ha
The steam.
The paddle is through there.
The sun is setting.
It is set some more.
lake george
The Minne-Ha-Ha back at dock.
minne ha ha night
However, the town is filled with the most OBNOXIOUS mobs of tourists I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! When were were in line to buy our tickets before boarding the boat we got a taste of what was to come for the evening. There was a middle-aged mother with her two daughters grown daughters in front of us. The mother was a large woman with huge, gaudy white sunglasses that covered half of her face. She didn't say much, but the daughters did all of the talking, and boy were they loud. They wanted the mother to have a senior citizen discount even though she looked to be in her mid to late 50s. The one daughter was smoking a butt and had a dress on with a tag hanging out that said 'plus sized'. After the boat ride we walked around the town. It was loaded with tacky souvenir shops that were filled with seashells, plastic lobsters, and figurines made in China. Lake George is a LAKE, not an ocean. Who would buy those there? There wasn't much of anything local or nice or good quality to be found. As I said, the people wandering around in droves were the worst. I believe they all must have come from New Jersey. They all had wicked annoying NEW YAWK accents. As we tried to remove ourselves from one ice cream shop, one woman stood in the doorway and bellowed to her family "DO YOU WANT HAAAARD OR SOOOFT?" Oh my Gawd! The town was also filled with behemoth SUVs...Surburbans and Hummers with New Jersey and New York plates.
We would definitely go on the boat again, but I will avoid the tourist trap of a town called Lake George from now on!


Blogger Amy said...

Oh my gawd! Why did you go there? I went on the MINNEHAHA when I graduated from high school. It wasn't too much fun.

When are you coming home?

Amos the Mouse

1:39 PM  
Anonymous McKenna said...

Be Careful how you talk about those New Yorkers! We are all not that bad!:) Some of them are even your friends!

4:43 PM  
Blogger Stacie said...

Well McKenna, you are not like that at all. You are one of the nicest New Yorkers ever. This was the most obnoxious mix of people I have seen anywhere in a long time. I need to stay away from touristy places. The horror!

7:18 PM  
Anonymous McKenna said...

I will bet you a million dollars that I have the worst new york tourists here in the "hamptons". there like yours only with money..and they think they can treat you like crap!

8:32 PM  

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