Sunday, February 04, 2007

Craft Fun!

This is most of the stuff purchased at Recycle North in Burlington last week. I forgot to put the vintage cookbooks in the picture though. The label maker says 'JANE' and '1975' on it. I love it! And I hope it works.

These zippers arrived in the mailbox this week from a woman who saw me at a show this winter. It was really nice of her to think of me. Thanks Ilah!

Not too much has been going on. I have been laying low and working really hard on making some new things. I set up a DVD player in my studio and have been having fun watching things while I work. It makes the time go faster. Here are a few photos of new work. The square and the star are both pins and the picture on the bottom is a barrette.



Anonymous victoria winters said...

Hey there. To answer your question, I live in Nashville, but got kicked out of our 2 apartments in Chicago a few years ago. ght

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