Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tent Troubles.

The Fletcher Farm sale in Ludlow went pretty good. It was so darn hot and uncomfortable though. Luckily the rain and stormy weather held out until we were done. It's hard to believe it is almost September and pretty soon we will be complaining about how cold and ugly it is out. I didn't end up using the new tent because when I assembled the whole thing at home last week I found out that the frame was defective (bent in 3 places). After talking with another vendor yesterday who got the same tent and had the same problem and ended up hassling with it for a good long time, I really feel that the best thing would be to return it to where it came from and start from scratch. I will end up having to spend more money but so goes it.
I'm looking at another pretty busy week and I am hoping to get lots of work done. Hope yours is good too.


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