Friday, April 27, 2007

Where do I start?

Wow! It has been a really busy week. The first thing that I have to say is that I think I may have found Squeeky the cat's twin sister. Just kidding, but really though, it looks JUST LIKE HER! I found a flyer on the bulletin board at the library in town from the Addison County Humane Society asking to please adopt this cat. It looks like a mugshot of Squeeky. In this picture the real Squeeky is on the right. (Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?) She doesn't like having the camera in her face so please excuse her for not looking at the up.

The next thing is that I started to wear a new pair of shoes this week. I got these Keen shoes at TJ Maxx a couple months ago for $25. I debated about bringing them back for a while and finally decided that it isn't too muddy out and maybe I could wear them. I like the way they look, but damn, after a while they are just not comfortable at all. They are cushy but have a slight incline that I am just not used to. The top of the bottom part starts to cut into my foot and it sucks. Why can't they be more comfortable? I am also wearing new pajama pants that I got for $7
on clearance at TJ Maxx tonight.

Here is a picture of the blueberry field behind Fran's house in Maine. I have never been there this time of the year and was surprised to see that the fields are very red, although it looks more purple here. Whenever we go in July or August they are green from the leaves of the plants. We had a busy time in Maine working on some projects at the house. Because Fran passed away at the end of October last year, there was still a ton of food in the house. We threw out the perishables and brought the canned goods out of the basement and the cabinets. After selecting some stuff to leave there, I ended up filling my car up with it to bring back to distribute among our family members and friends. The remaining food (a whole trunk full) will be donated to a food shelf before it gets any older. This food pictured here is only a very small percentage of what was there. There were at least 20 large cans of Hannaford baked beans. On the way back Eric made a joke about driving the baked bean express back to Vermont. He wasn't kidding. Toot Toot (literally)! All aboard. I got a package of hot dogs tonight at the store to make beans and franks this weekend.

This has been a really interesting week. One of the coolest things that happened was that Trish called me to ask if I wanted to go to a reception for Bill Ramage, one of our art professors at Castleton State College. He is currently showing a retrospective of his work before retiring after 28 years of teaching. It was amazing, awesome, and awe inspiring. It will be up from now until May 15th. Read about Bill Ramage here and here. It was nice to see Bill, some other professors, and some former classmates. Wow!
Another good thing was that my friend Indira from Rutland got in touch with me because she was going to be speaking at a conference in Middlebury today. We ended up having a delicious lunch at the Storm Cafe. After we ate we ended up having espresso. That isn't something I usually do, but what a good idea it was! It was so good! I am still thinking about it now. I don't think I have seen Indira in person since around Christmas time and it was really nice to catch up with her. She gave me a CD too! Indira is just so nice and generous, and I think she is one of the smartest people I know. It was really lucky thing to have her as my neighbor as she has become a really good friend.
Things are really getting busy for me as next weekend is the Queen City Craft Bazaar! I have to get things finished and in order for that. Also, I have to finish my cat piece for the Brandon Artists' Guild which is due Monday morning at the latest. Oops, I really need to go get going to work on finishing that.
Have a good weekend!


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