Monday, April 16, 2007

Working Hard...

Here is a preview of what I have been working on all winter. Pretty, pretty zippers! This is just a sampling. Besides these I have probably finished over 2oo pins and barrettes and have a whole box more in different stages of completion. I have been finishing some other projects as well and I am trying some new things to sell this spring. I have more ideas too!
I finally brought a bunch of new pins to a sort of new store called Belladonna on Main Street in Middlebury. They will be for sale there beginning in early May.
Also, a fellow member of the Brandon Artists' Guild has offered to sell them at her store in Mendon as long as I make a display for them to put on her counter. I better get busy with that soon.
My sales at the B.A.G. have been pretty good, even over the slow winter months. I have been logging lots of time there gallery sitting. It is a little slow some days but there are usually a good amount of people looking each day. There are always a hand full of artists who pop in to check on things and let me take a walk for some much needed coffee. A famous children's author and her husband came in the other day after giving a talk at a local school. They bought a beautiful hand-painted chest. It was pretty exciting! We are all working on our projects for this summers' fund-raiser: It's reigning cats and dogs!
I have gotten a lot done this week that I have been putting off such as applications and pictures. It ended up being a lot of work, but much easier and much less dreadful than I had anticipated.
Things are definitely going to start picking up soon. May 5th is the Queen City Bazaar in Burlington and we are getting psyched for this awesome event. I can't wait! Also, my three Farmers' Markets will be starting mid-may and will keep me busy until the end of October when the holiday sales begin. Ya-hoo!


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great stuff. Can't wait to see more at the craft bazaar in a few weeks!

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