Monday, July 09, 2007

Eyes and Bags, But Not Under Eye Bags.

Well hello there! I have been really bad about this blog, haven't I? I totally missed June. Oops. Oh well. Things have been heating up in the busy department here. I am doing three farmers' markets a week. Even though much of the time they have been pretty slow, they are still a ton of work...Lugging everything around, setting up, tearing down, battling the wind and rain, and sitting around in the heat all day long. For gosh sakes! For all those complaints, I still love it. I like the freedom of doing my own thing, being able to show off all my new work, and talking to people all day.
This weekend my Mom and I did a show at the Fletcher Farm School for the Arts and Crafts in Ludlow, VT. It was nice to see some different vendors, new customers, and some pretty scenery. I made a nice wad of cash so now I can pay for my dentist appointment this week. Phewwwww! The only really bad thing about it was that the only bathrooms were nasty ass porto-lets and there were no sinks in sight. I went through plenty of wet ones, that's for sure. Also, there was pretty much nothing good to eat, only food from an RJs wagon and a Mr. Ding-a-ling truck. Bah. The map I received had a drawing of a big food court on it. There was kettle corn though which I thoroughly enjoyed. Also, there is a gift shop there for the members of The Society of Vermont Artists and Craftsmen to which I belong. They had some neat barrettes made out of polymer clay for pretty darn cheap. I got one for myself and a couple for gifts. Sorry about the lack of pictures, but I forgot my camera and all of its various adaptors this weekend.
Here is some exciting news. Last night at Price Chopper I discovered that they are now selling reusable shopping bags which were on sale for 99 cents this past week. They still may be that price. They are washable, hold up to 50 lbs, and are made of woven propylene and really are quite cool looking. I ended up using it today to bring my book, wallet, keys and water bottle with me to Glens Falls. Here is a picture from the Price Chopper site. It isn't an actual picture, but you get the idea.
What else? Oh, I have been having a hard time with my eyes for the past month. I went to the eye doctor and she found a problem with my corneas which she though was caused my my bad contact wearing habits. I always left them in too long and often fell asleep at night wearing them by accident. Don't sleep in your contacts people. My corneas were not looking right from lack of oxygen. After getting rid of the contacts and having to wear glasses for three and a half weeks, using antibiotic eye drops, and tons of lubricating eye drops, there was no change except less redness. I went to see a specialist in Burlington and now I have a little work to do and some things to think about and to make a long story short it looks like I am going to be wearing my glasses for a while. Dang it! Bummer.
Anyway. I hope summer is going good for everyone and that all is well.


Blogger crafty chica said...

hope you get well soon.

now there is a reusable shopping bag challenge going on craftster. i guess there will be lots of cool ones.

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