Monday, June 16, 2008

Markets, Belt Buckles, and Millers.

Hey! I can't believe June is already half over already!
I have been busy doing farmers markets and bringing pins to new stores since the beginning of May. All of the markets that I am doing this year are in full swing. I am in Winooski on Thursdays from 3:30-6:30, Brandon on Fridays from 9-2, and Rutland on Saturday from 9-2. Come visit! Eric has started as a market vendor with me in Rutland as well. He is selling iced coffee and it sure is delicious! We are happy to have him there so we can all be wired on coffee all day long.
I have also signed up with the Artists Market in Burlington on Saturdays but have yet to get up there to participate. Hopefully some time soon. I also in the process of planning my shows for the rest of the year. Check out my website for those dates. I will be posting them as I figure them out.
This is a picture of my friend Lexie, who is the daughter of my market neighbor Stephanie who sells pies. AJ Marro from the Rutland Herald took it a few weeks ago in Brandon.

I wanted to share Friday's thrift store find with you now that I finally took a picture of it. I scored a sassy bag full of vintage 'fashionable buckles' for only 50 cents. Yay me! Now what will I do with them? I will stash them away while I think of something.

I had a visitor on my window this past week, the Lunesta moth. Kind of cool, kind of creepy.

The next morning Lunesta was gone, and this thing was in the window. This one is just plain ugly! Luckily it didn't stay very long.


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