Monday, April 21, 2008

Hello Maine!

Eric and I just returned from a few days in Maine. Here is the blueberry field next to Fran's house. Not much going on there this time of the year. We usually go in July too and unfortunately the low bush blueberries really are not ready until August.

When we got to the house very late on Thursday night we were greeted by a lovely plumbing problem; a broken toilet tank. Oops. After turning the water on it just would not stay in the tank and it was gushing out all over the floor. There was no toilet shut-off knob like there should be so we had to turn the water in the house off completely. Not so good after traveling all day and wanting to clean up. After toughing it out with no water for one night and not much sleep at all, we needed to figure out what to do. We could have tried to fix the problem the next day, but we aren't plumbers and it would have taken forever. By that time we were walking around like dirty zombified savages, so we decided to stay at the Comfort Inn in Ellsworth for the remaining two nights and then we can plan to deal with the issues at a later time with the help of someone more experienced with the whole thing. Anyway...The hotel was completely luxurious after that experience. The running water, cable TV, an internet connection (although not completely reliable), the free breakfast and coffee, and things to do nearby were just wonderful.
We could see the L.L. Bean outlet from our window! After being awoken on Saturday morning by some workers blowing dust all over the place, we got ready and headed over to L.L. Bean. It was so awesome. In the past 4 or 5 years of going to Maine, we had only been to the outlet once and had been in a huge hurry so there was no time to look around. This time we spent an hour and a half there. Eric and I actually found things to try on and buy!

They had tote bags which were already marked down on sale for an additional 30% off. I have a purple one like the green and teal one below that I use all the time and love. I couldn't pass these up. What fun! Now I know where all the monogrammed stuff goes that people send back. They had loads of it for sale.

While we were at the house I was helping Eric in the basement and found this old pressure cooker sitting on top of a box of papers. I think the drawings on it are so funny. The animals are so cute how could you boil one of them up in here?

There are quirky little old things all over the house. A lot of people may think of throwing stuff like this away, but they make the house very special. I never knew Fran's parents so seeing their possessions in their home always makes me curious about them. Eric and I have always gotten a kick out of these little plaques in the kitchen. On rough days sometimes we think of this first one and recite it.

On Saturday we took a ride to Bar Harbor. In July it is crazy busy with tourists. We usually take a boat tour, eat dinner, shop, and look for specimens in the water. This time there really wasn't much to do. There were mostly just locals and college students around. Only a few places were open this time of the year. Many of the restaurants and shops were fixing things up and cleaning to get ready to open sometime in the next couple of weeks. It was a beautiful day though and I got to wear sandals around and not have my feet freeze off.
Back in Ellsworth we actually had time to hang around and try some different things to eat. I had an awesome Italian sub, slices of pizza, and Mexican food. Way up in that part of Maine most of the folks are just so nice and laid back. They are very friendly and for the most part are a pleasure to deal with. They remind me of the people here at home except they talk a little differently. They say things like 'lobstah' and 'chowdah'...for real.
On the way home today we stopped at Old Orchard Beach. We have never been to any of those touristy beach towns because we are always hurrying and never have time to go very far out of our way much less deal with traffic and crowds. When we got there, I had to use a bathroom so we drove all over town looking for one. There were none to be found! I was finally directed to one at a crappy local convenience market. In the restroom there was a big window with no shade pretty much right next to the toilet. Good thing there was a truck parked in the way outside. Also, there was NO SINK! Yuck. I hope they aren't preparing any food in there. Good thing for the container of Wet Ones Eric had in his car. I ended up having to buy a rip off $1.75 bottle of water there which I didn't really need just so I could be a 'customer' in order to use the stinky toilet. The people around were really rude and not very helpful. After that fiasco, we figured out where we were going and ended up in some parking lot near a pier. You could see a whole strip of tacky tourist shops and restaurants which were mostly closed this time of the year. There were a few stinky french fry places open and there were people walking around and a few groups of bored kids making trouble. We got out and walked on the beach. Although it was beautiful, it was windy and cold and we could see a sketchy bunch of people near the car so we called it a day and got back on the road. Oh well. It was a very long trip and I am happy to be back now that I am home.
Now that I am here, I need to start getting some work done again. I have been busy making zipper things all winter for my stores so I just haven't had much time to get any of my other projects done or even started. The Farmers' Markets are starting soon and I want to have some new things for sale. The markets I have planned so far are Brandon on Fridays and Rutland on Saturdays as well as a new one, Winooski on Thursday afternoons. I have another one I am hoping for, but I won't make it official until I hear back from them. I am looking forward to nice days outdoors and to seeing my market friends again.


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Glad you liked Ellsworth. I find it to be in general an underappreciated city but sounds like you enjoyed it!

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